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AlliTech Capsules 90 x 180 mg

AlliTech Capsules 90 x 180 mg

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Nature’s very powerful antibiotic, anti-parasitic, anti-viral, anti-fungal and immune booster.

AlliTech is a patented product, Allisure®, containing 100% stabilised Allicin created from extracts of Allinase and Alliin in garlic. This has proved for over the last 15 years to be very successful in treating 90% of viruses, which are mainly caused by micro parasites. Antibiotics have little affect on viruses.

Micro Parasites
Diseases caused by micro parasites have now reached epidemic proportions and are one of the most under diagnosed and under appreciated health threats in the world. Doctors do not, as a general rule, check for micro parasites, as you mainly need a dark field microscope, of which there are very few in the UK.

Antibiotics have become less and less effective due to their over prescription for many years, thereby giving bacteria the chance to grow stronger and resist treatment, so more powerful antibiotics are used, often resulting in many side-effects. Antibiotics are also sometimes given for viruses on which they do not work.

The Government’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, said “The resistance to antibiotics is a ticking time bomb. Routine operations such as hip replacements, could become fatal in just 20 years time, if we lose the ability to fight infections with antibiotics”.

No new type of antibiotics have been developed for about 25 years. It is very important to take AlliTech if you are being treated for serious illnesses such as AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis, MRSA Infection, Tuberculosis etc., to ensure that your immune system is not damaged by any treatment.

“In my opinion, AlliTech is the most powerful immune booster when you are seriously ill”. Rolf Gordon

AlliTech works very quickly on domestic and farm animals.

It is now believed Alzheimer’s, MS, Parkinson’s Disease are partly due to micro parasites in the brain.

For open wounds, use AlliTech gel. AlliTech capsules are odourless. AlliTech liquid is many times stronger than capsules.