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Bio-Quinone Q10 Gold  60x100 mg

Bio-Quinone Q10 Gold 60x100 mg

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At 80 your heart, lungs and spleen contain 45% less Q10 than at birth. Our liver converts Q10 from our food, but as we get older our liver becomes less efficient. The heart’s the hardest working muscle in your body and therefore requires huge amounts of Q10 for its energy turnover. Co-enzyme Q10 has shown in hospitals to be an effective treatment of cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure. Q10 stimulates the liver. Also for high blood pressure and immune system stimulation.

High Cholesterol
By taking statins for lowering cholesterol you are depleting your body of Q10, as they share the same biosynthetic pathway in the liver, therefore increasing the risk of coronary heart failure. It is therefore vital you take Q10 if you are taking statins.

Dental Problems
Extra Q10 can prevent periodontal diseases, which affects the tissues that support the teeth and gums, accounting for more lost teeth in adulthood than any other dental problems. Recommend 100 mg/day.

Muscular Dystrophy
Patients in scientific tests, treated with 100 mg/day Q10, showed a 50% significant improvement in increased exercise tolerance, reduced leg pain, better control of leg function and less fatigue.

Nearly all patients, who are diagnosed with cancer, are found to have only half the recommended amount of Q10 in their body.

Scientific studies conducted on top athletes, clearly show that Q10 supplements improve energy and endurance, while helping the athletes recuperate considerably faster after bouts of competition or hard training.

Alzheimer’s Disease
Healthy people in their 90’s have shown naturally to have a high quantity of Q10, whereas people with Alzheimer’s disease are very low in Q10.

There are no known interaction or contra-indication with Q10 and is vital to take when in hospital with all illnesses. Pharma Nord’s Bio-quinone are in soya oil capsules, which have been clinically proven to be the quickest way for the body to absorb CoQ.10.